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Leading with Heart

Ignite Your Leadership Potential and Make a Lasting Impact

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I invite you to explore the inner landscape of leadership with me. 

As an expert in transforming emerging leaders into influential trailblazers, I specialise in helping leaders like you tap into your inner wisdom, align your values, and cultivate the skills needed to navigate complex business landscapes with confidence and authenticity.

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Harness the Power of Positive Psychology in Leadership.

I understand the unique challenges and pains faced by emerging leaders, coaches, and individuals evolving into leadership roles.
Whether you are grappling with self-doubt while transitioning from an expert to their role as a  leader, struggling with overwhelming leadership responsibilities, or seeking guidance to grow your coaching business, we've got you covered.

Is this you...


Are you an expert in your craft, now being called to lead?

  • Feeling uncertain and overwhelmed as you navigate the shift from technical expert to a confident leader?
  • Struggling to cultivate the mindset and skills necessary to inspire and lead your teams effectively?

Are you a solopreneur coach who has started your business?

  • Frustrated with the lack of progress and growth in your coaching business, struggling to attract and retain ideal clients?
  • Seeking mentorship and guidance to unlock your full potential as a coach and take your business to the next level?

You are not alone!

I can help you.


Hello, I’m Gayle!


I am an emergent leadership coach, dedicated to helping professionals who are experts in their respective roles answer the call to lead. I understand that true leadership goes beyond following a textbook or getting stuck in one's head—it starts from within.
That's why I'm passionate about guiding individuals in embracing their authentic selves as leaders and making a positive impact based on who they truly are and what they stand for.
Clients describe me as a deep thinker, wise mentor, and dynamic coach who brings information to life in a fun and engaging way. I take pride in making complex concepts simple, providing guidance that gets to the core of the matter. With keen observation and a talent for making connections, igniting transformative growth in my clients.
My unique advantage lies in my ability to observe and connect dots that others may miss. I have a natural talent for connecting with people, helping them feel relaxed, and quickly understanding the core issues they face. I take the time to truly know my clients and guide them to know themselves.
More about me

There are 2 ways to work with me through my programs, depending on your field or industry.

1. Leading From Within

From within we rise! Empowering emergent leaders to lead with heart. 
The Leading From Within Program is a transformative journey crafted exclusively for emergent leaders who are ready to step into their full potential.
Through a comprehensive exploration of the role of a leader, the inner game of leadership, understanding self and installing mindset shifts I will empower you to inspire and lead your teams effectively and with confidence.
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2. Coaching Mastery

This program is tailored to support coaches in their personal and professional growth. Through a dynamic and collaborative partnership, we provide guidance, insights, and tools to help you evolve as a coach.
Expand your business, by expanding your skills and confidence in coaching and leading your clients to their results and deepen your impact.
Benefit from a mentorship journey that empowers you to unlock your full potential and thrive as a coach. Together, we'll navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities in the ever-evolving coaching landscape.


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If you're ready to understand your inner world, make deep changes, and stop trying to fix what isn't broken, let's connect.

 Remember, the way you live your life is your choice. Let's work together to get out of your head and into your heart, so you can truly love who you are and what you do. The first step is booking a call. I look forward to connecting with you. 



Schedule a 20-minute call, and we can discuss where you're at, what obstacles you're facing, and explore a clear way forward. I value honesty and will let you know if I believe we'd be a good fit or not - it's a genuine conversation.


Experience the Power of Deep Listening, Honest Conversations, and a Dynamic Partnership. Together, We'll Make It Fun! 


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Jo D.

"Gayle's impact on my life, both personally and professionally, is immeasurable. Struggling with confidence, self-esteem, and stress for decades, I approached Gayle for help. She helped me flourish, empowering me with tools and knowledge to reach my greatness and realize my purpose. From a meek, quiet person to a confident individual, my confidence has skyrocketed. Getting coached by Gayle, I'm excited for today, tomorrow, and the day after. Thanks to her coaching, I am full of energy and drive to live my best life. It's because of Gayle that I know there is a lot more that I can achieve. I'm truly excited for what's next. A simple 'thank you' is not enough to express the impact Gayle has had on my life."

Shahn D.

"Gayle helped me get clear on my performance indicators, propelling my business forward in leaps and bounds. Her mentoring has been invaluable, leading to exponential growth in my coaching and business. One of the added bonuses is Gayle's ability to laser coach during our mentoring sessions, providing targeted support when needed. I highly recommend her!"

Tracey-Anne O.

"Dear Gayle, thank you for the extraordinary coaching and mentoring journey. It has been a transformative ride, where I've gained profound insights and awareness about myself. Your wit, strength, and intuitive ability to hold space for my growth have had a tremendous impact, not only on a personal level but also professionally. I admire your guidance and appreciate the support you've provided.” 

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Inspire and Lead with this free resource:

Harness the Power of Positive Psychology in Leadership.